Truly Hard Seltzer
Experiential Design

Created by Alex Bialek


Truly Trackside is an experiential activation concept I developed that could help the Truly brand effectively communicate and meaningfully engage with motorsports fans.

From the festival-like grounds to the fan zone's party deck, Truly Trackside offers something for everyone on race day: the views are incredible, the vibes are good, and the various activities make it easy for attendees to #livetruly.

Truly Trackside exemplifies the brand’s adventurous and youthful qualities through engaging activities, exquisite  local food trucks, live music, and of course, race day.


Goal #1: Create a Positive Brand Experience

With Truly Trackside, the activation's surrounding festivities provide meaningful engagement opportunities for attendees. From pickup volleyball and a concert to VIP appearances and food, the firstmost goal of Truly Trackside is brand marketing; to build positive associations and experiences that stick in the minds of consumers, long after the event.

This overarching goal would be measured by footprint traffic, in-activation product sales, and related social media content.

Goal #2: Consumer Lead Capture (Drizly)

To provide a strategic platform for an existing brand partner, Truly could offer Drizly (the alcohol delivery app) the opportunity to integrate within the experiential activation via a digital prize wheel element.

Drizly's main goals involve signing up new app users and generating delivery orders. Thus, Drizly would benefit from capturing first-party data from attendees within the activation footprint to re-market to this audience over time.

To successfully "spin" the digital prize wheel, participants would have to indicate whether or not they had ordered through Drizly before (making the retargeting data even more segmented, and valuable). Data capture would also benefit Truly, to better understand their footprint's traffic.

The economics of this activation would require Drizly to cover the cost of all the prizing given out.

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